Wedding Options

Option A:

 Classic wedding dove release. Two white doves released at an appropriate

pre-aranged time, such as on the church steps, or at an outdoor reception. You decide on the perfect time. A large beautiful heart shaped basket containing two white doves will be handed to the bride and groom. They will release the two white doves as part of the ceremony. With the right training the bride and groom can let the birds go from their hand after a photo opportunity of course.

Option B:

Option A +

  Extra birds to release i.e. one dove for each member of the wedding party being bride, groom, maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man and ushers or even parents of the bride and groom etc...

Option C:

Option A +

 Classic Two dove display: two white doves are on display at the entrance to welcome your guests and then relocated for the photographs and the release of two more white doves.

Option D:

 Option A +

  Classic four dove display, all in white fancy cages at a prominent position at the entrance or at the altar.

Option E:

Option A +

Ten white doves released as a flock; then the bride and groom release two doves moments later where they all circle round and meet up, then fly home to their loved ones and a good hardy meal.

Option F:

Option A +

Twenty white doves released as a flock.

Option G:

Option A +  D + F

Full package all options combined is the most impressive display we have to offer, 2 doves for the bride and groom, 20 extra doves released as a flock and 2 doves on display in ornate cages, but we are only too pleased to design a unique package for you.

Rules of Release

  • We release only well trained all white racing pigeon stock (Columbia Livia).

  • We only release our doves outdoors during daylight hours up to two hours before dusk to give the doves plenty of time to fly home safely.

  • We will not release doves out of their flying range.

  • We will not release doves during adverse weather as this would jeopardise their safety.

  • We will answer any questions that you may have as quickly and as professionally as possible.

  • Our birds are kept in tip top health. They are cleaned and wormed correctly and regularly.

  • We can not be held responsible for the soiling of clothes as a result of a doves movements but shouldn't be a problem if held correctly. (hand held releases mainly.)

  • We will arrive on time for our engagements, and will be dressed professionally.

  • All liberations will be professional.

  • All liberations may be cancelled by us if weather conditions fail up to ten minutes before arranged time. For this a fair deposit will be returned along with a valid reason.

  • If you have any questions then we will be only too pleased to answer them for you, just get in touch.